Special Features

2D sculpting

The system can be sculpted utilising curvilinear free-form geometrics, which will allow the designer complete freedom to create interlocking intersections on the scale required.

3D sculpting

With this Whisper Walls creative option, chosen by many designers, specified areas of almost any size may be recessed or raised with a choice of edge configurations.

Chair Rail/Picture Rail

The Whisper Walls rail system adds a note of warmth and elegant refinement to any wall installation and come in a range of sustainable hardwoods. There are other options too, amongst which a frequent choice is an easel ledge decorative rail.

Gallery Hooks

Our gallery picture hanging hooks are designed to fit into Whisper Walls Mid-wall extrusions. They are machined from stainless steel and most widely used in galleries, museums and also in residential homes.


Whisper Walls integrated reveals add decorative detail and architectural interest to a wall or ceiling design. Available in several widths and incorporating the standard edge conditions, reveals offer the designer a dramatic styling tool.

Reveal cavities are available as recessed, flushed, or raised conditions and have been engineered to compliment LED strip light systems. Reveal finishes can also include paint, wood and metal.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Timber grounds can be installed beneath the fabric for surface mounting of monitors and speakers. Alternatively, these can be set into apertures where Whisper Walls can be fabricated around them.

Electrical Sockets & Switches

Electrical sockets, switches, lights, air conditioning control panels, door entry systems, electrical trunking, or anything else can all be flush or surface mounted on to Whisper Wall panel systems.


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