Ace Acoustics (UK) is an approved and Licensed Installer Dealer (LID) of the Whisper Wall® System for the UK and Ireland.

Whisper Walls system consists of a patented polymer stretching system or framework which is attached to the wall, an acoustic core infill that can absorb or reflect sound, depending on the needs of the client and a choice of over one thousand fabric coverings. The system can be applied to virtually any wall or ceiling surface, from brick or concrete to metal, plaster-board or wood and also to glass (including mirrors) and leather and can be fitted to any shaped surface including fabrication around ducting, conduits & other HVAC services.

Option for installation in two stages

The Whisper Walls system can be installed in two stages. The stretching system and core may be installed at an early stage, as part of ‘wet works’ - while painting and plastering are still being undertaken - and before the building is weather tight. Then, unlike many decorative finishes, the fabric can be installed as one of the last jobs of the project. This may be programmed in just before or after the floor finish.

Anytime & Anywhere

Professional installation by our skilled, qualified craftsmen is a very quick and clean operation and can be carried out anywhere in the UK or the whole of Europe and at any time, including outside business hours, during school holidays or at evenings and weekends.

Estimates and Timing

At Ace Acoustics we have developed a sophisticated estimating package, which enables us to meet tender deadlines and other requirements. Projects usually have a standard lead-time of 2-3 weeks, although urgent projects can often be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.


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