Whisper Tak

When you need to furnish a room with pin-boards, take a look at the Whisper Tak acoustic panel pin-board system. These moveable panels can be built using a variety of fabrics and colours and enabling you to complement the design of the room.

These panels are workshop manufactured and can be built to fit into apertures and slots to a schedule of dimensions, if required.

Made with a lightweight core material, coupled with the unique polymer stretching track, your Whisper Tak (pin-board) will have an elegant square or bevel or edge detail with a shadow edge gap. Whisper Tak offers all the benefits of our renowned stretch fabric system - perfect fit and finish, long term durability and quick, cost effective maintenance.

Standard site fabricated panels with 23, 27, 32 or 52mm, can also incorporate a tackable core beneath the fabric face, of required.


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